Serious Strength

My membership to GHUTV just renewed recently. It’s such a great investment in myself!

I have been a member for two years now. I am a Gold member, which means I have access to all the Gold live workouts, as well as the other workouts at the premium level. Most Mondays, a new workout is done “live”, and then it gets added to the Gold library. There are more than 150 workouts to choose from, with more added regularly. Everything from walking workouts, to HIIT workouts, to strength training, to cardio workouts, to yoga and pilates, to medicine ball and stability ball workouts, to kettlebells. The length of workouts varies as well. There are 45 minute workouts, 30 minutes, 20 minutes, and even some 10 minute ones. Amazing variety that offers something for everyone! And, you can do them anywhere!

There is also a private Facebook group for members. It’s an awesome group where you can find motivation and support and love. So happy to have this group!

When I first joined, I would pick and choose my workouts each day. And that worked well for me, except that I was keeping it easy on myself. I seemed to choose workouts that I thought were “easy”. GHUTV also has several calendars that you can follow. Once I started following a calendar, I really stepped up my game! Following the workouts that are on the calendars has made me do workouts that, before, I might not have chosen on my own.

The calendar I’m following this month is called Serious Strength. The Serious Strength workouts are new and just made available last month. I love them! These workouts go through moves with weights, but very slow reps. Slower reps really make me work harder, instead of flailing the weights to keep up with the tempo of music on other workouts with weights. It’s been very effective for me so far this month. I’m really enjoying it!

So happy I found Chris Freytag (founder of GHUTV), the other trainers

at GHUTV and the fb group!



What’s Your Favorite Coffee?

As you know, I’ve been enjoying my Chemex pour-over coffee maker for a couple of months now. I really enjoy the process of making my coffee in the morning. It’s not fast, like a Keurig, but it’s very satisfying.

I got three different kinds of coffee beans as Christmas gifts. I liked them all! I like to mix it up frequently, not having the same kind of coffee day after day.

This bag of beans from James Coffee Co. is great! It’s a medium roast that has the tiniest hint of chocolate and vanilla. I really enjoyed it!

This blend from VeloDrome Coffee Co. was really good! I had never heard of this company before I got this bag of beans. I love that this company is in Michigan. Marquette, to be exact. The staff of this company know the story behind each coffee. How cool is that? Give it a try!

This Anniversary Blend from World Market was also very good! It’s a medium-dark roast and I really enjoyed it! Yes, the mug was also a gift. My peeps know what I like!

I’m looking forward to trying other coffees. I’m always on the lookout for new-to-me blends. Who knew I would be this excited about coffee?!?!

What kind of coffee do you like? Any suggestions for me?

What Are You Reading?

What are you reading these days?

You know that I love to read. My usual author picks are Nora Roberts, Elin Hilderbrand, Susan Mallery, Danielle Steel, Robyn Carr, Susan Wiggs, Kristin Hannah, etc. But, for Christmas, I got this book, The Life She Was Given, by Ellen Marie Wiseman.

I had never heard of this author before. Her name and this book appeared on a favorite books list that I had seen before the holidays. It sounded like an interesting story, and I was happy to see it under the Christmas tree.

This story tells the tale of Lilly, in the 1930’s, and the tragic events of her life, as well as Julia, in the 1950’s. The weaving of this tale of how these two are connected is incredible. So many sad things happen in this book, but, I couldn’t put it down. I had to keep reading to find out what happened next. I love books like that!

If you are looking for a new read, check this one out.

Looking forward to more great book finds, as well as more authors to add to my favorites list.



Happy New Year!

I know, it’s been a while. I got completely caught up in the magic of the holiday season, and, honestly, other things, and didn’t give this blog a thought.

Let’s get caught up!

The holidays were fun! Time with family, extended family, good food, all of it! I love the holidays!

I’m still using, loving and sharing Young Living oils and products. I have my diffusers going almost every day. I drank a lot of Thieves tea during the holidays. I don’t like to go a day without Ningxia Red. I clean my house with Thieves Household Cleaner. And, I use oils every single day!  Did you know that Young Living is going to start offering CBD oil this year?

My word for 2018 was Grow. I experienced a lot of growth last year. I worked on a lot of personal development. My Young Living team grew quite a bit last year. It was a good year.

For 2019, my word is Believe. Believe in myself, my abilities, my hopes, my dreams, my visions, my success, my happiness. It’s all about mindset. You have to believe in yourself. Sometimes I struggle with that.

I got a little off track with my healthy eating during the holidays. I love treats, and allowed myself to indulge. I’m back on track now. I’m still working out with GHUTV. My membership is about to renew. Along with Young Living, GHUTV is one of the best investments I’ve made in my health. We added a few things to our home gym last year. The most recent is a bosu ball. I seriously love this thing!

I’m still loving photography! I got a new tripod for Christmas, and I love it! My shaky hands are getting worse, so a tripod is sometimes a necessity. I now have a GorillaPod and a tripod at my disposal. Nature is awesome, and capturing it with my camera is one of my favorite things to do!

I’m excited for all that 2019 has to offer. I hope your year is off to a great start!


Berkey Love

We did it! We took advantage of a holiday sale and bought a Berkey water filter!

I have wanted a Berkey for quite some time. I drink water all day long, every day. Yes, we have a filter on the water dispenser in our fridge. But, I always wondered if it was filtering everything out.

I stalked the Berkey Filters website for a long time before signing up for their newsletter. When the Black Friday deals showed up in my email, we decided the time was right. We ordered the Big Berkey bundle. It arrived a few days later. The shipping box was damaged, and one of the Borux water bottles that came with our bundle was shattered as a result. Nothing else was damaged and Berkey Filters is sending a replacement bottle.

I was eager to get it set up, and quickly went about priming the black filters and the fluoride filters. At first the water was cloudy, which, upon reading the manual, meant I needed to re-prime the fluoride filters. I did that, and soon we had sparkling clear, clean water!!

It’s currently sitting on the counter next to the sink. Since taking this photo, I put the Berkey on the stand that came with our bundle. Still sitting here on the counter, but now on the stand.  I like it there, but, I’m not sure that will be it’s permanent home. It works there, for now.

It’s been a great investment so far! I drink water from it all day. I make my coffee with Berkey water. I cook with Berkey water. I love it!

Do you have a Berkey?

Black Friday

It’s here! Black Friday is here again! Are you out shopping? I don’t usually hit the stores during the craziness that is today. I don’t care for the crowds. I do, however, do some online shopping.

As usual, Young Living has an amazing Black Friday sale happening right now. It’s a perfect day to stock up on your favorite oils, or try something new. There are even some diffusers on sale.

Today is also a perfect day to start your oily journey if you haven’t already. I’ve got my own Black Friday deal happening. When you grab your premium starter kit from Young Living using my link, I will give you a $25 Visa gift card!  Yep! That’s right! And, if you jump in today, you can take advantage of the sale prices at YL.

My offer starts today, Friday, November 23, 2018 and runs through Monday, November 26, 2018. You must use my link in order to get the gift card.

Ready to get started with Young Living? Click here!

Happy Shopping!

November Fitness

We are almost half way through the month of November. Can you believe it?

For November, GHUTV encouraged us to pick workouts for the month that either are new to us, or ones that we haven’t done in a while. There are more than 250 workouts to choose from, so the possibilities are endless!

I find that I am more consistent with my workouts with GHUTV if I follow a calendar. Plus, it makes me do workouts that I may not pick for myself. So, for this month, I made a calendar for myself, keeping with the theme of new-to-me workouts, or ones I haven’t done in a while.

This is how my calendar looked on the first of the month. Now, I’ve got 10 days crossed off. Moving right along!

I made sure to schedule “rest and eat” on Thanksgiving day. 😂

What are you doing for fitness this month?

Pour- Over Coffee

For quite some time now, I have wanted a pour-over coffee maker. We had a regular drip coffee maker for years and years. Then, 2 years ago, during our kitchen renovation, we switched to a Keurig. It was fast and easy to make coffee with the Keurig while our kitchen was being redone.

Don’t get me wrong, the Keurig is great. Easy and fast! But, using all those pods was not good for the environment. So, a while back, I switched to reusable pods. Just put the grounds in, close it up and put in in the Keurig. Easy peasy!

I don’t remember where I first saw a pour-over. It was quite a while ago. But, then someone I follow on Youtube, Peter McKinnon, would use footage of his pour-over coffee making process in his videos, and my fascination grew. I decided that I would, at some point, have a Chemex pour-over coffee maker.

That came true a few days ago! I ordered my Chemex coffee maker and filters from I also needed a scale, a kettle and a coffee grinder. Those all came from Amazon. The grinder that arrived didn’t work, so I sent it back to Amazon. I bought a different grinder at Kohls.

I had already picked up some coffee beans at the grocery store. So, after replacing the defective grinder, I was ready to brew some coffee. Today was the day!

I was nervous about the process, having never done it before. But, I have watched countless videos about how to use the Chemex properly, so I just did it! The process doesn’t take more than a few minutes. This morning, it actually took longer for my water to boil, than it did for the actual brewing process. I used water from the fridge dispenser instead of the tap, so the water was cold to start with, and took a bit to boil.

It was kind of fun! Once it was done brewing, I poured a cup. While I enjoyed the first cup, I set the Chemex on the warming station on my stovetop. I had enough for two mugs of coffee. The coffee was so good, so much better than anything I’ve had from the Keurig! I thoroughly enjoyed both cups, and actually thought about making more! 😂 I didn’t though.

We will be investing in a Berkey water filter to ensure that the water we are drinking is completely clean. That will just enhance my pour-over coffee making experience. Hoping for a Black Friday sale, or maybe even a sale before then.

I can’t wait to make more coffee tomorrow!

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