My favorite local bookstore is closed. Permanently closed. It was a series of things that led to the demise of this wonderful little store that I could spend hours in. Staying relevant in a time where it’s easy to shop online, order a book and have it delivered quickly, sometimes small independent bookstores get lost … More

Working My Brain

I am always looking for ways to keep my brain sharp as I age. It’s important, I know, but I feel a bit of an urgency to keep my brain healthy since my dad suffered from dementia before he passed away. Dementia is a sad, unfair, horrible disease and I’m gonna do all I can … More Working My Brain

A Cup Of Tea

I have been a coffee drinker for a lot of years now. I thoroughly enjoy my morning coffee. I used to really lighten it up with milk, and a whole lot of sugar. That was the only way I could drink it. Several years ago I started drinking my coffee black. I finally felt like … More A Cup Of Tea


I promised another post about GHUTV, so here we go! Is your gym still closed? Is your gym open now but you are anxious about being there due to Covid 19? I have been doing some sort of regular exercise for most of my adult life. It has varied for me through the years. I’ve … More GHUTV

The Other Side

What’s on the other side? It’s a common question. Someone might ask what’s on the other side of the fence. Or, maybe they wonder about what’s on the other side of the road. Or, even what is on the other side of a challenge. Do you wonder about what’s on the other side? If you … More The Other Side

Good Vibes

Are you in need of some good vibes? Something to make you smile? It’s such a crazy world we live in right now. Hate and negativity fill the air waves and news feeds. It’s easy to get sucked in. It’s easy to let all the negativity drag you down. It can be a challenge to … More Good Vibes

Looking For Coffee

I’m looking for coffee! What I mean, is, I’m looking to try new coffees. I try to buy different brands and flavors at the grocery store. Most times, I buy whole bean coffee and grind it myself. But, I also buy ground coffee sometimes. I think it’s fun to try different kinds of coffee. I … More Looking For Coffee