One of my favorite oils!

I joined Young Living a few months ago and I am enamored with their essential oils! One of my favorite oils to put in my diffuser is Citrus Fresh. It gives my house a uplifting, fresh smell. Sometimes I put a drop or two of Citrus Fresh in a glass of water. There are times when I need an incentive to drink more water and my oils come to the rescue.  I also love to just open the bottle and smell it because it smells so fresh!


Hello world!

Well here I am! Talking to the world on my very own blog! I started this blog to talk about all sorts of things. I will share information about Young Living Essential Oils, and how they are enhancing my wellness. I will share recipes I love or recipes I want to try. I will talk about life in general and about being a mom. I will share with you my thoughts about books I’ve read and my favorite authors. I will sometimes post pictures. I love to take pictures of nature and will share them with you. I’m excited to start this journey and hope you will follow along!