I Must Admit!

Last night, we attended a farewell party for my nephew and his beautiful wife. They are packing up and moving to Colorado! They are taking a week-long road trip on the way there, meandering through the country. I must admit, I am a little jealous! We have other family in Colorado, so we have visited … More I Must Admit!

It Could Happen!

If you’ve been reading my blog posts, then you know that I love to read. That love of reading inspired a dream I’ve had since I was a teenager in school. That dream is to write and publish a successful novel. While I have not yet begun a novel, I did, several years ago, participate … More It Could Happen!

Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? It seems that people are always saying that one thing or another is on their bucket list. I have a bucket list in my head, not a list written down somewhere. I suppose after this post, I can say I have somewhat of an actual list. I thought I … More Bucket List

I think I can!

So, this morning I finished week two of couch to 5k. I was sure that I would not survive this week! The running intervals this week were 90 seconds. To all of you runners out there, 90 seconds is nothing. But for a beginner like me, 90 seconds is some kind of torture! That being … More I think I can!

Summer Weather

Another hot, sunny day! I love summer weather like this! For me, this is how summer should feel. I love to sit outside on days like today, soaking up the warmth and sunshine. I am definitely the minority in my household when it comes to liking hot weather. These are the kind of days I … More Summer Weather


Do you love to read? I love to read! I could spend hours in a bookstore looking for new reading material. I have not joined the ebook revolution because I enjoy having a book in my hand. I have amassed a large book collection over the years. I’ve had to get rid of some each … More Reading!