Our dogs!

We are a two dog family. We have our Shih Tzu, Coco, who turned 10 this summer. She has been dealing with some skin problems for quite some time, but she is now starting to feel much better. She is almost back to her normal, full of energy self. She has been enjoying a lot of time outside this summer. We love her!

This summer, we adopted a second dog. We adopted him from our local shelter. His name is Zeke and he is a chocolate lab/whippet mix. They told us he is about two years old. He has adjusted to life here with us pretty easily. He loves to play and run around in our backyard. He even likes to get in the pool! We love him!

Dogs are a lot of responsibility. But they also become a member of your family. They want nothing more than to be loved and cared for. How could you not want to adopt one? Visit your local shelter and find a forever friend!


This is Coco!
This is Coco!
This is Zeke!
This is Zeke!

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