Can I Be A Runner?

I have always, for the most part, tried to stay active. I have thousands of miles on my exercise bike. I find I can ride and ride if I have a good book to keep my mind off of how far I’ve gone. However, I haven’t rode in a while. When the nice weather arrived a few months ago, I started walking on my street. Walking was a nice change of pace for me as it got me out of the house. I have enjoyed it!

I also have a small weight set that I use to try to keep myself in even better shape. I don’t use it everyday, but frequently enough to keep myself toned up.

Yesterday, I started a couch to 5k program. My oldest son started this same program a short time ago and he has encouraged me to give it a try.  So, I did.  I have always thought that I would not be able to handle running. Never thought I had the stamina to do it. Still not convinced that I do, lol.

The first day was not too bad. The program is just thirty minutes, three times a week. You do intervals of walking/running. This week, each running interval is shorter than the walk intervals, but it sure seemed like the running time was longer! I survived and I feel pretty good about it. I will report back here from time to time to let you know how it’s going. If I stick it out, I’ll be able to call myself a runner! Wish me luck!

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