20 Minutes??

So far, in my Couch to 5k program, most weeks have been pretty consistent. Each week is different, but the days within each week are mostly the same. Running intervals increase each week. But this week, week 5, has been a little wonky! The first day this week, the run intervals were 3 minutes. Second day jumped to 8 minutes. And today, imagine my horror at seeing that I would be running one 20 minute interval, with no walking in between! I was sure I would need to stop and walk at some point, never dreaming I could go 20 minutes yet. But, I surprised myself. I did it! I ran the 20 minutes without stopping, and didn’t even look at my phone once to see how much time was left. I concentrated on the music playing and a million other things besides how much time was left to run. I guess maybe they throw this day in to challenge us, I don’t know. But, it worked for me. I didn’t look ahead to next week, but I hope it goes back to normal, lol. Whatever it is, I say bring it on!

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