It’s here!

I’m up early this Sunday morning, and it’s quite chilly here right now. It’s only in the mid 40’s. Even though it doesn’t officially arrive for several more days, I think fall is here. Fall is a beautiful time of year here in Michigan. The trees put on an amazing color show during autumn. It’s also a great time to have campfires or bonfires. The evenings are cool, perfect for a fire, and the mosquitos are gone. It’s also the time to pull out the hoodies and sweaters. And boots, don’t forget the boots. Not snow boots, we won’t talk about snow boots for quite a while yet, hopefully! lol Football is also back. We enjoy the Friday night high school football games. Another favorite fall activity is going to the cider mill. We love to get cider and donuts, and apples. Sometimes we buy our pumpkins there too, but other times we buy them from a roadside stand. Fall decor is fun to decorate with.

One thing that is not so fun about fall is raking leaves! We have huge maple trees in our front yard and when the leaves start falling, raking is almost a non-stop job. It wasn’t so bad when the boys were little. They loved to play in them. But now that they are grown, it’s just a chore for them to have to help with, not so much fun anymore!

Even though summer is my favorite season, there are many things I enjoy about fall. I just wish it didn’t lead to winter!

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