What if?

What if I won a million dollars today?

Wow! How awesome would that be?! I think the first thing I would do would be to pay off my oldest sons student loans. I think it would also be fun to buy him a house so he can have a place already when he gets married. And he wouldn’t have to worry about a mortgage!

I would also put enough money aside for my youngest son to finish his education. And put enough money aside and let it grow so when the time comes, he has money for a house as well. And I’m sure he would want a vehicle since he soon will be a licensed driver. And I would want to give them each some spending money. Because, how much fun would that be?

Of course, I cannot forget my 3 stepsons. Money would be coming their way as well. Or maybe a house for each of them? Or both? And we could spoil all those grandkids!

As for us, well, new vehicles maybe? Paid for with cash, of course!  I’m not sure about buying us a new house. I like our house, even though it’s small. It’s in a great area and we have nice neighbors. So maybe we could do some major renovations? But, a new house with more land to play on would be kind of awesome! I would also like to do some traveling! And I guess we would need to put some money aside to live on so we wouldn’t ever have to work again unless we wanted to.

Oh the possibilities!

What if you won a million dollars?

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