How far?

Just finished week 7 of couch to 5k! This week, all three runs were 25 minutes. It was hard, but I did it! I looked ahead to next week, and the first run is 28 minutes. I’m already thinking that 3 more minutes is gonna be super hard. We’ll see. Only one more week, then apparently, I can run a 5k.

I’m already thinking about how far and how often I should run after the program is done next week. Running 3 days a week has been ok, it’s become part of my routine now. So I think I’ll stick with that. But, how far should I run each day? Should I set a mile or minute time each day? Or should I just go by how I’m feeling during each run? And what about when winter gets here? Is it harder to run in cold weather?

Anyone got any answers for me?

2 thoughts on “How far?

  1. Not really answers as I started the c25k program and then branched out on my own. I began by upping my distance and not worrying so much about the time. After I got to the point of being able to run 2 miles, each week I added a tenth of a mile. Now I’m jogging 3 miles and just ran my first 5k race last Saturday. Don’t try and up your distance too quickly..that can lead to injury. Good can do this!


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