Today we are talking about RC essential oil. This oil is a blend of several essential oils. This one also was not in the starter kit when I got mine. But I do have this oil now and have enjoyed the benefits.


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Copaiba is an oil I have not tried yet. It’s on my order for next month. The starter kit is a little different now from when I got mine. This oil was not in my starter kit, but comes in the kit now. Looking forward to trying it.


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This is not a happy post, sorry!

Life is short! And, sometimes, it’s sad. Been feeling emotional this week. Today marks the anniversary of the day my brother-in-law died. He died in an accident on his way home from work. It’s been 11 years I think. I will never forget the phone call from my sister that day. My heart was broken for her and my niece and nephew. I miss Mark!

Thinking about this anniversary also has me missing my dad. He died this past winter. Losing him was, by far, the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with in my life. I make frequent trips to the cemetery to talk to him. I know now what my niece and nephew have been feeling all these years. It doesn’t go away. It might not consume me anymore, but it doesn’t ever go completely away.

This week, yet another person I know lost her battle with cancer. My heart aches for her family, especially her three children! Cancer has claimed so many people in my life, family and friends. It really sucks!

Life is short! Live it while you have the chance and never take one single breath for granted!

What if?

What if I won a million dollars today?

Wow! How awesome would that be?! I think the first thing I would do would be to pay off my oldest sons student loans. I think it would also be fun to buy him a house so he can have a place already when he gets married. And he wouldn’t have to worry about a mortgage!

I would also put enough money aside for my youngest son to finish his education. And put enough money aside and let it grow so when the time comes, he has money for a house as well. And I’m sure he would want a vehicle since he soon will be a licensed driver. And I would want to give them each some spending money. Because, how much fun would that be?

Of course, I cannot forget my 3 stepsons. Money would be coming their way as well. Or maybe a house for each of them? Or both? And we could spoil all those grandkids!

As for us, well, new vehicles maybe? Paid for with cash, of course!  I’m not sure about buying us a new house. I like our house, even though it’s small. It’s in a great area and we have nice neighbors. So maybe we could do some major renovations? But, a new house with more land to play on would be kind of awesome! I would also like to do some traveling! And I guess we would need to put some money aside to live on so we wouldn’t ever have to work again unless we wanted to.

Oh the possibilities!

What if you won a million dollars?

It’s here!

I’m up early this Sunday morning, and it’s quite chilly here right now. It’s only in the mid 40’s. Even though it doesn’t officially arrive for several more days, I think fall is here. Fall is a beautiful time of year here in Michigan. The trees put on an amazing color show during autumn. It’s also a great time to have campfires or bonfires. The evenings are cool, perfect for a fire, and the mosquitos are gone. It’s also the time to pull out the hoodies and sweaters. And boots, don’t forget the boots. Not snow boots, we won’t talk about snow boots for quite a while yet, hopefully! lol Football is also back. We enjoy the Friday night high school football games. Another favorite fall activity is going to the cider mill. We love to get cider and donuts, and apples. Sometimes we buy our pumpkins there too, but other times we buy them from a roadside stand. Fall decor is fun to decorate with.

One thing that is not so fun about fall is raking leaves! We have huge maple trees in our front yard and when the leaves start falling, raking is almost a non-stop job. It wasn’t so bad when the boys were little. They loved to play in them. But now that they are grown, it’s just a chore for them to have to help with, not so much fun anymore!

Even though summer is my favorite season, there are many things I enjoy about fall. I just wish it didn’t lead to winter!

20 Minutes??

So far, in my Couch to 5k program, most weeks have been pretty consistent. Each week is different, but the days within each week are mostly the same. Running intervals increase each week. But this week, week 5, has been a little wonky! The first day this week, the run intervals were 3 minutes. Second day jumped to 8 minutes. And today, imagine my horror at seeing that I would be running one 20 minute interval, with no walking in between! I was sure I would need to stop and walk at some point, never dreaming I could go 20 minutes yet. But, I surprised myself. I did it! I ran the 20 minutes without stopping, and didn’t even look at my phone once to see how much time was left. I concentrated on the music playing and a million other things besides how much time was left to run. I guess maybe they throw this day in to challenge us, I don’t know. But, it worked for me. I didn’t look ahead to next week, but I hope it goes back to normal, lol. Whatever it is, I say bring it on!

I Love Mine!

We have had a nice stretch of hot, summer weather. It coincided with Labor Day weekend, which was fabulous, and a fitting way to end summer. The weather is cooling slightly now, and fall is just around the corner.

When the weather starts to turn a little cooler, I find myself using my crockpot more often. It’s so nice to throw dinner in it in the morning and have a meal ready at dinner time with minimal effort. Do you have a crockpot? I love mine!

I’m already thinking that I’ll make some homemade chicken soup in the crockpot this weekend. It’s one of my favorites. Tasty and simple. I also love Cheesy Potato soup. It’s also easy to throw a roast in the crockpot with some potatoes and carrots. The roast comes out so tender it falls apart! Turkey and dressing is something new I’m trying. Tried to do it a couple weeks ago, but the turkey roast was too big. I already have a small one in the freezer for next time. I make scalloped potatoes and ham in the crockpot, with cheddar cheese soup. Mm mm good! Crockpot slop is a recipe that has gone over well at my house. It’s kielbasa or smoked sausage and potatoes and green beans. Super easy! My son makes amazing pulled pork in the crockpot! I also love to make chili and white bean chili and taco soup. So many possibilities!

I’m always looking for good crockpot recipes. Pinterest is a good place to find them. There are also cookbooks dedicated to just these kind of recipes. Dinner is so easy this way!

What do you like to cook in the crockpot?