Crafty Fun!

Last night I spent a few hours with some family members having a craft and cocktail night. We made adorable owl ornaments. But mostly, we had fun being together and, of course, we had a lot of laughs!


owl ornaments

Looking forward to another one of these super fun family times!

Fur baby crisis!

We had a fur baby crisis yesterday. Remember Zeke? He’s the chocolate lab/whippet mix we adopted over the summer. Well, Zeke and I were out in the backyard when, all of a sudden, he started acting crazy. He would put his head down by the ground, and paw at his wide-open mouth. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I couldn’t see that anything was in his mouth, so I wondered if he had gotten stung by a bee. We have an apple tree in the backyard, and bees are all over the apples on the ground.

I took him back in the house, and, for a little while, he seemed to settle down. Tried again to look in his mouth, but still could not see what was wrong. He still pawed at his mouth once in a while, but not crazily like when we were outside. He even slept for a bit. But, I was still convinced that something was wrong.

I called the vet. They said to bring him in, but, because I didn’t have an appointment, I might have to wait a while because they were booked. I took him in and we waited an hour before the vet actually came to check him out. She was concerned that he either had something jammed up in his mouth and/or possibly a broken tooth. The only way to check for sure was to put him under twilight anesthesia. So, I had to leave him there and she was going to put him under and see what was going on.

I went home without him. She had told me to come back about 5:30, which was only about an hour after I got home, but I couldn’t sit still that whole hour. I was worried about him being under anesthesia, and worried about what she would find. If you have pets, you know they become like one of your kids. I was just as worried about him as I would be about one of my boys!

The clock moved slowly for that hour, but finally it was time to head back. I had to knock on the door because the office was closed for the day. They let me in and led me downstairs where they had taken care of him. He was laying on the floor on a towel, all sprawled out. They had removed a small piece of stick from the roof of his mouth. It was wedged in up there! They saved it in a lunch baggie so I could see what they found.


I was so relieved that he was ok, and amazed at what they pulled out of his mouth. She said it was wedged in there so tight that he never would have been able to get it out on his own. He was still “drunk” from being under, but slowly awakened after I got there. They helped me get him upstairs and into the car. He was going home!!

He was fine after we got home, and it didn’t take long for the “drunkenness” to wear off. He was a little more drowsy than usual last night, but she said that would be normal.  Today, he seems to be just fine.

I’m so glad I took him in! And I’m so glad he’s ok!

Love your fur babies!

It’s happening!

It’s gonna happen. Two weeks from today we will be running our first 5k! I say we because Adam has decided to run with me. I’m so excited about that! I was thinking that I would be on my own doing this. But, before I registered he decided to run too. I am excited and nervous. But I also know what a great feeling it’s gonna be when we are done.

We got this!!

It helped!

On Monday, I started the 10k program. I was able to advance to week 9 because I finished the c25k program. Week 9 is 10 minute run intervals, four times, with 1 minute walks in between. By the time I was almost finished, my knees were really hurting. I had to walk the last 2 1/2 minutes of run time because they hurt so bad. When I got home, I put my Young Living Deep Relief roll-on on both knees and felt great relief.

Today, I put the Deep Relief on before my run. It helped tremendously! I had been thinking on Monday that there is no way I could run a 5k if my knees are gonna hurt that much. But, putting the Deep Relief on before running worked so well, I think I could do it.

I found a 5k I could run on November 8. I haven’t actually signed up yet, but I think I want to. Hoping I can find a friend or family member to run with me. The registration price goes up after Sunday so I need to make up my mind.

I can do this, right?

So pretty!

It’s a beautiful time of year here in Michigan! The leaves are changing and fall colors are everywhere. Everywhere you go, there is a spectacular color show going on. It’s gorgeous!

It’s also getting quite chilly. The weekend was cold, and the night time temps were below freezing. We still have days when it warms up nicely, but those will soon be gone. I’m not quite ready for the cold weather. But, I live in Michigan so, ready or not, the cold is coming.

If only the pretty leaves didn’t have to fall! Our yard is becoming covered in leaves and soon it will be time to start raking them up. It’s a huge, weeks long process. We have two huge maple trees in the front yard and that’s a lot of leaves! We can rake one day, and then a day or two later, the yard is covered again. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also good exercise!


Oily Goodness

My monthly Young Living order came the other day and I thought I would share a picture of all the oily goodness that arrived on my doorstep. It’s a little like Christmas once a month when the order arrives. This month, I had some family members that added to my order and I was able to get the biggest monthly promo. I got a couple of free oils, a diffuser for free and a lot of ER points that I can use for more free stuff. Young Living is awesome!


If you have any questions about Young Living, their essential oils and other amazing products, please email me at

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I had my first fall today while running. Not sure what I tripped on, a stone, a stick, I don’t really know. I just know I hit the pavement quite hard!!

I’ve got some nasty scrapes. Scraped up my knee pretty good, and put a hole in a brand new pair of running pants. Also scraped up my wrist and really tore up my left thumb. I cut my run short, only because I was bleeding pretty good from three different spots. But, thankfully, nothing is broken. Oh, except my phone! When I was doing the c25k program, I started carrying the phone in my hand because when it was in my pocket, the program would pause. So when I fell today, of course, my phone fell too. It’s got a small scrape/crack on the bottom corner of the screen. Guess maybe I should reconsider carrying it in my hand.

Will this stop me from running? Hell no! I will carry on!