New page!

I created  a new page on Facebook where I can share about Young Living, their essential oils and their other products. Check it out and give it a like! Oil Infused Goodness

Crafty Fun!

Last night I spent a few hours with some family members having a craft and cocktail night. We made adorable owl ornaments. But mostly, we had fun being together and, of course, we had a lot of laughs! Looking forward to another one of these super fun family times!

Fur baby crisis!

We had a fur baby crisis yesterday. Remember Zeke? He’s the chocolate lab/whippet mix we adopted over the summer. Well, Zeke and I were out in the backyard when, all of a sudden, he started acting crazy. He would put his head down by the ground, and paw at his wide-open mouth. I couldn’t figure … More Fur baby crisis!

It’s happening!

It’s gonna happen. Two weeks from today we will be running our first 5k! I say we because Adam has decided to run with me. I’m so excited about that! I was thinking that I would be on my own doing this. But, before I registered he decided to run too. I am excited and … More It’s happening!

So pretty!

It’s a beautiful time of year here in Michigan! The leaves are changing and fall colors are everywhere. Everywhere you go, there is a spectacular color show going on. It’s gorgeous! It’s also getting quite chilly. The weekend was cold, and the night time temps were below freezing. We still have days when it warms … More So pretty!


I had my first fall today while running. Not sure what I tripped on, a stone, a stick, I don’t really know. I just know I hit the pavement quite hard!! I’ve got some nasty scrapes. Scraped up my knee pretty good, and put a hole in a brand new pair of running pants. Also … More Oops!

Still going!

So, running without a program to follow seems a little more challenging to me. I’ve been running 3 days a week just like with the c25k program. I’ve set a goal of running at least 30 minutes each time, which puts me just under 3 miles. I listen to music and do my best to … More Still going!


On Monday, we surprised our youngest son with a car. He’s only 15, won’t turn 16 until May, but we found a car that we got a great deal on and could not pass it up. Adam has been looking for a car for quite some time. Not unusual for a kid with a drivers … More Surprise!!

Fall Blends

Do you know what a diffuser is? Young Living sells several kinds of diffusers. Here is a picture of just one of them, the Home Diffuser. The Home Diffuser is ultrasonic, meaning it uses vibration frequency to disperse essential oils into the air. Some of the other diffusers are atomizing, meaning they use air flow … More Fall Blends