On Monday, we surprised our youngest son with a car. He’s only 15, won’t turn 16 until May, but we found a car that we got a great deal on and could not pass it up.

Adam has been looking for a car for quite some time. Not unusual for a kid with a drivers permit. We, too, have been looking online and at used car dealers around town for a while. We were not planning on buying until next year, around the time he gets his license. But, like I said, we couldn’t pass this up.

My husband is looking at retirement in a few years. He wants to make sure that Adam has a dependable vehicle to drive that will last him many years. He didn’t want to start Adam out with an old car, which is what we did with Christopher, and then have to buy something new or newer a few years down the road. He wants to go into retirement knowing that both of these boys have dependable vehicles.

We found this car online at a dealer lot. It’s a 2014 Mustang!!! Yep, a mustang! It has low miles, and is in like-new condition. Tim went to look at it last week while I was working. He was impressed, and we decided to buy. We did not tell Adam, wanting to surprise him. It was a hard secret to keep!! I picked him up from school in my car. When we were almost home, I handed him the keys to the mustang. He was shocked, unbelieving, speechless! We pulled in the driveway, and he, of course, spent a ton of time checking it all out. Even took it for a ride. He loves it! Who wouldn’t? We went out for dinner that night, and, of course, we took the mustang, with Adam driving! He has plenty of time now to get used to driving the new car. He’s been driving my car up until now. Now, he wants to drive everywhere we go!


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