A day in the oily life!

I thought I would share with you some of the essential oils I use on a daily/regular basis and why.


Pictured here from left to right, Deep Relief roll-on, Rosemary, EndoFlex, Thieves, Orange, Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, Cedarwood, Joy, and Peace and Calming 2.

I use the Deep Relief on my knees after a run. It provides cool, soothing relief.

I apply Rosemary oil to the flex points on my hands and feet that correspond to the brain. It helps promote and enhance mental clarity It’s also great for cooking.

I apply EndoFlex to the flex points that correspond to the endocrine system.

Thieves, well, I do a lot with this one. I use a drop on my toothbrush every night to help support oral health. I put a drop on my feet to help support my immune system. I diffuse it in the house when one of us is not feeling great. I put a drop to the roof of my mouth when I start feeling throat irritation.

I use a drop of Orange on my toothbrush in the morning to help promote whitening. I also like this in my water.

Frankincense is in the face cream I use every night. I also like to put it directly on my face, on that delicate skin around my eyes. It provides amazing skin support.

Lemon is also in my night time face cream. I love this in my water as well and love to have it in the diffuser. It’s also great for removing sticky messes.

Lavender goes in my diffuser sometimes. It’s also in the night time face cream. It provides healthy skin support as well. It’s pretty amazing!

Cedarwood goes in my diffuser every night to help promote a restful night of sleep. Love this oil!

I’ve been wearing Joy as my perfume recently. I put a drop right over my heart every day.

Peace and Calming 2 goes in the diffuser with the Cedarwood at night. I also like to put a drop on my wrists when I need to settle down a little. Sometimes, just opening the bottle and smelling it works wonders!

There are a lot more oils and products that I use on a regular basis. Just thought I’d share a few. If you have any questions about the oils or products, please email me at simpsonjannita@gmail.com

Ready to enjoy these oils like I do? Click here!


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