Still going!

So, running without a program to follow seems a little more challenging to me. I’ve been running 3 days a week just like with the c25k program. I’ve set a goal of running at least 30 minutes each time, which puts me just under 3 miles. I listen to music and do my best to think about things other than how long I’ve been running but still find myself hoping the 30 minutes are done! But, I will keep at it. I want to increase my time gradually, but I don’t want to over do it. Usually, by the time 30 minutes arrives, one or both of my knees are starting to hurt.

I’ve also been thinking about doing the 10k program. I want to build up my stamina so that, eventually, running 30 minutes is a piece of cake. If you are a graduate of the c25k program, like me, you can advance in the 10k program to week 9. Even at week 9, there are walk/run intervals. Not sure I want to go back to that. I’ll think about it.

All in all, this running thing has been good for me. I hope to continue for a very long time.

2 thoughts on “Still going!

  1. Love to hear this! There came a point for me that I became addicted to the running high I felt. I’ve definitely been off that addiction lately, but miss it so much. You should graduate to the 10k program, you’ll be able to handle it no problem. I found it to be mostly a mental sport – yes, the physical part can be challenging – but you’re mostly playing mind games with yourself the whole time of how long you can last and overcoming each of those milestones. Haha. You should find a 5k race to sign up for also. Being around other runners is truly inspirational and you’ll find adrenaline takes you most of the way. Great job!!


    1. Thanks Jen! Been also thinking a change of scenery might help. Been staying on our street because it’s a dead end and there’s not much traffic. But I could easily venture to another neighborhood.


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