I had my first fall today while running. Not sure what I tripped on, a stone, a stick, I don’t really know. I just know I hit the pavement quite hard!!

I’ve got some nasty scrapes. Scraped up my knee pretty good, and put a hole in a brand new pair of running pants. Also scraped up my wrist and really tore up my left thumb. I cut my run short, only because I was bleeding pretty good from three different spots. But, thankfully, nothing is broken. Oh, except my phone! When I was doing the c25k program, I started carrying the phone in my hand because when it was in my pocket, the program would pause. So when I fell today, of course, my phone fell too. It’s got a small scrape/crack on the bottom corner of the screen. Guess maybe I should reconsider carrying it in my hand.

Will this stop me from running? Hell no! I will carry on!

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