So pretty!

It’s a beautiful time of year here in Michigan! The leaves are changing and fall colors are everywhere. Everywhere you go, there is a spectacular color show going on. It’s gorgeous!

It’s also getting quite chilly. The weekend was cold, and the night time temps were below freezing. We still have days when it warms up nicely, but those will soon be gone. I’m not quite ready for the cold weather. But, I live in Michigan so, ready or not, the cold is coming.

If only the pretty leaves didn’t have to fall! Our yard is becoming covered in leaves and soon it will be time to start raking them up. It’s a huge, weeks long process. We have two huge maple trees in the front yard and that’s a lot of leaves! We can rake one day, and then a day or two later, the yard is covered again. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also good exercise!


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