It helped!

On Monday, I started the 10k program. I was able to advance to week 9 because I finished the c25k program. Week 9 is 10 minute run intervals, four times, with 1 minute walks in between. By the time I was almost finished, my knees were really hurting. I had to walk the last 2 1/2 minutes of run time because they hurt so bad. When I got home, I put my Young Living Deep Relief roll-on on both knees and felt great relief.

Today, I put the Deep Relief on before my run. It helped tremendously! I had been thinking on Monday that there is no way I could run a 5k if my knees are gonna hurt that much. But, putting the Deep Relief on before running worked so well, I think I could do it.

I found a 5k I could run on November 8. I haven’t actually signed up yet, but I think I want to. Hoping I can find a friend or family member to run with me. The registration price goes up after Sunday so I need to make up my mind.

I can do this, right?


5 thoughts on “It helped!

      1. I’ve only been running since August when I started the c25k program. The pain comes after I’ve been running for a while and it seems to be in the side of my knees. That Deep Relief works great though and I’m gonna try putting it on before every run and see how it goes.


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