Several months ago, my boys tried to convince me to make videos about the essential oils I love so much. I made a YouTube account, but never made a video. I was too chicken.

I belong to a couple of “oily” fb groups, and one group I’m in has a little contest going right now. You earn an entry by making a video. That got me thinking, maybe I should try it.

I recorded a video, then deleted it. Went through that process multiple times before deciding I wasn’t gonna do it. Last night, I had the house to myself for a bit, so I decided to try again. Recorded and deleted several times before I finally had something I was somewhat satisfied with. I just used my phone.

Before I could change my mind, I uploaded it to YouTube and shared the link in the fb group. Maybe I’ll be able to do more now that I’ve gotten that first one out of the way!



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