We did it!!

We did it! Today was the day! Adam and I ran our first 5k this morning! It was cold, there was frost on the car windows. I knew once I started running, the cold would not be a problem, but I was freezing while we waited to run.

The half marathon started first, and 30 minutes later it was our turn to go. Adam is pretty fast. He had done zero running to get ready for this 5k. He immediately got out ahead of me and I tried to keep up. But, eventually, I knew I had to stay at my own pace or I would never make it.

On the home stretch, I was feeling sick to my stomach, and my knees were starting to hurt. But, I could see the finish line, and I knew Adam was there waiting for me. There were people along the way cheering us on, that was awesome!

Hearing my name as I crossed the finish line was awesome! I did it! It felt great!

Adam had a time of 31:23, pretty darn good for no training ahead of time. My time was 33:05. That’s faster than I’ve ever ran that distance so I say that’s a win! Heck, just finishing is a win in my book!

Thanks for running with me Adam! I’m proud of you!

adam and I 5k

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