My first show!

I did my first vendor show today, representing Young Living. It was at a local school here in town. The vendors were split up into two different classrooms. There were a few other vendors in our room with us. I say us because my niece, Melissa, helped me out today. She is the person who enrolled me into Young Living.

I was very nervous about this show. But, I knew it would be a good way to get my contact info out there, so I agreed to do it almost at the last minute. I made some rice sachets, with rice and essential oils. I made five different scents: peppermint, thieves, citrus fresh, purification and Christmas spirit. They were a hit. I also made some small jars of bath salts using epsom salts, baking soda and peace and calming essential oil. I also had on hand oil samples, brochures, and had my diffuser going. I also had a drawing for a free bottle of lemon oil.

Melissa made some sugar scrubs which smelled amazing. She also made a few bottles of thieves cleaner. And, she was a huge source of moral support!

While I didn’t sell a kit today, someone wants to buy a kit at the end of the month. I also have someone to follow up with who wants information. And, every sample, and the rice sachets and the starter kit booklets I had all had my business card on them, so my contact info is out there! That could lead to future sales! So, all in all, I’m calling it a success!

Thank you, again, Melissa, for all of your help!!

first vendor show

If you are interested in more info about Young Living, email me at

Click here to start your oily journey!



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