Early gifts!

I got some early Christmas gifts from Young Living. I cashed in some of my rewards points on two things I have been wanting to try. These were free, I only paid shipping.

balance complete

The Balance Complete is a meal replacement drink. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. I also want to try the other ones Young Living offers, Power Meal, and both flavors of the Pure Protein Complete.

The Orange Blossom Face Wash is amazing! I actually had a chance to try a sample a while back, and I loved it. Got my own bottle now. It’s good stuff, and a tiny bit goes a long way.

Yesterday, I got another package from Young Living.

lip gloss

This lip balm/oil combo was part of the December promo. It was free with my order this month but did not arrive when my order did. But, I’m super happy it finally got here. There are three different varieties of this lip balm, this is the winter blend. Lip gloss on one end, and a winter blend of oils in a roller bottle on the other end.

I love free stuff.

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