All done!

Tonight, in less than an hour, Adam will be done with drivers training. He had three nights of classes this week for Segment 2. Tonight is the last night. He can’t get his license until he turns 16 in May. But, the classes are done. He’s glad. He’s my youngest, so there are no more kids to put through drivers training.

These kinds of things, these “lasts”, usually make me sad. But, this one just makes me a little scared. My baby will be out on the roads in a few short months. By himself. He’s been driving with us for months, and will continue until his birthday. He’s a good driver, responsible. But, as his mom, I can’t help but worry about him out there on the roads. I still worry about Christopher on the roads and he doesn’t even live at home anymore. I’m thinking that part of me, the worrying mom, will never go away. I can only hope that the classes and our guidance will keep him safe when he pulls out of the driveway by himself.

Time is going just a little too fast!

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