It’s time to make some changes. I’ve been dealing with some health issues and that is spurring me on to make some changes to what I eat, and products I use. I am convinced that chemicals in products I have used over the years have contributed, in part, to various health issues. And, while I have always tried to eat somewhat healthy, I love my sweets. And, over the years, it has gotten incredibly easy to prepare boxed, processed food for meals. Meals full of yucky stuff. I want to slowly change that.

I know this is gonna be a long process. And getting my family on board may be my biggest challenge. I don’t want to go to extremes, but I definitely want change. I’ve already started paying attention to the amount of sugar I consume. I’ve cut back on how much sugar I put in my coffee, maybe eventually no sugar in my coffee? I’m looking at the sugar content on labels. There is sugar everywhere! I used to always just look at the fat content of foods, never paying any attention to how much sugar was in something.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, have watched a few documentaries about food and health. There is a lot of information out there, and so many different “diets” or “ways of eating”. It’s a little overwhelming. But, I want to feel better. So, I’m gonna dive in and see what I can come up with that will work for me, and hopefully, my family.

More fruits and veggies, organic. Less processed foods. More recipes for good, healthy meals. Way less sugar.  I need to check out our local farmers market. And maybe investigate Whole Foods and Trader Joes. And taking time to find healthy options at the grocery store. I can do this right? Oh, I’m a little stressed just thinking about it! Lol

If you read my blog, you know I’ve already started reducing chemical in my life. I’ve removed chemical-filled cleaning products. I’m making changes to products I use for makeup and skin care, etc. I realize now that any product that comes in contact with my skin gets absorbed. Why fill my body with chemicals?

One thing at a time, one day at a time. Constantly moving toward better health.



Fat Tuesday

No paczkis here (yet) for Fat Tuesday. But these happened!


Yummy, heart shaped sugar cookies! My family will enjoy them.

A lemon paczki would be awesome though!

Take me away

Reading is fun for me. I like to get absorbed in a story and let it take me away. I have not been doing as much reading lately as I would like. Gonna try to change that.

I just finished a book by Mary Kay Andrews titled, The Fixer Upper. It was good, and I look forward to finding more titles by her. I just started a book by Danielle Steel called Precious Gifts. I like it so far. I also have another of her books, the newest title, Blue, waiting in the wings. I’m looking forward to finding even more good books to read.

Something I don’t usually do is read self-help books. I also don’t like to have more than one book going at a time. But, I’m actually doing both of those things right now. I also just started reading a book titled The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s about the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. The fact that I’m even reading this makes me chuckle just a little. It’s just not my thing! But, I’ve been hearing about people who have read the book and then completely decluttered their houses and kept them that way. My house is tiny, and, it’s clean. But, it often feels a little cluttered. That’s why, several weeks ago, I started going through closets and drawers. I have several bags of things waiting to be donated. But, there is still so much we could get rid of. I’m still a little skeptical that a book will make me finish the decluttering process once and for all, and keep it that way. But, I guess I’m hopeful!

I save my books after I read them. I have an old dresser in the basement that is full of books that I’ve read. I have, over the years, gotten rid of a lot to make room for more. I don’t know why I save them, but it’s hard for me to get rid of them, especially if it’s a book I absolutely loved. Maybe The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up can help me with that!

What are you reading right now?

Back on track

I’m getting back on track with my running. The weather has been a little better, no snow or ice to worry about. And the temps are just a tad warmer. I hope it lasts. But, this is Michigan. Last week, I got three runs in! I haven’t done that since before Christmas. It felt good. This week, I only got two runs in, but the first was almost 3 miles, and today was exactly three miles. I’ve added a couple more tunes to my playlist for running, and I rocked out to the music today. I’ve also had a lot to keep my mind occupied lately while I run.

I here there are some cute running clothes on clearance at Kohls.  I probably should go check that out! You can never have enough running clothes, right?

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