It’s time to make some changes. I’ve been dealing with some health issues and that is spurring me on to make some changes to what I eat, and products I use. I am convinced that chemicals in products I have used over the years have contributed, in part, to various health issues. And, while I … More Change

Fat Tuesday

No paczkis here (yet) for Fat Tuesday. But these happened! Yummy, heart shaped sugar cookies! My family will enjoy them. A lemon paczki would be awesome though!

Take me away

Reading is fun for me. I like to get absorbed in a story and let it take me away. I have not been doing as much reading lately as I would like. Gonna try to change that. I just finished a book by Mary Kay Andrews titled, The Fixer Upper. It was good, and I … More Take me away

Back on track

I’m getting back on track with my running. The weather has been a little better, no snow or ice to worry about. And the temps are just a tad warmer. I hope it lasts. But, this is Michigan. Last week, I got three runs in! I haven’t done that since before Christmas. It felt good. … More Back on track