It’s going ok!

So this new, healthy way of eating I’m working on seems to be going ok.  I am trying very hard to cut back on the amount of sugar I consume. This is tough, as there is sugar in so many things. But, it’s going ok. I have been trying to do a better job of reading labels. And I have increased my intake of vegetables and fruit. I am also drinking a lot more water. I have been somewhat addicted to Lipton Green Tea Citrus flavor, in bottles, for a few years now. I love that stuff. But, after becoming more conscious of the amount of sugar in things, I took the time to read the label. There are 27 grams of sugar in one 16 oz. bottle. Holy cow! No wonder I love it. I had just bought another 12 pack of this tea before I decided to overhaul my way of eating. It has not made it’s way to the fridge yet. I don’t want to waste it, so it’s kind of hanging in limbo right now. That just seems like so much sugar. I need a replacement for the tea.

I’m trying to make better snack choices. More cut up veggies and fruit, nuts, etc. As far as meals go, I’ve tried a few new recipes, nothing too far out of the norm for my family. I don’t want to force them to change their eating habits along with me unless they want to. Maybe they will see how good I’m feeling and want to hop on board! Wishful thinking there, I’m sure!  I’ve been more careful about portion sizes. This has been a good week.

I’ve been cutting back on sweets, obviously, since I’m cutting back on sugar. I made some healthy apple cinnamon muffins this week. They were very yummy. Of course, I don’t think anyone else here ate any, lol. I’m not completely denying myself things I love either. It’s ok to indulge once in a while.  I made peanut butter pie this week, Adam and I love it. I had some, but I cut a tiny slice for myself instead of a whole piece.

I’m not following a certain type of diet or way of eating. I’m just trying to find what feels right for me and my health. I’m paying more attention to my body and how it reacts to the foods I’m eating. I still have times when I feel bloated or nauseous, so maybe there is something I need to change, food wise, that will help with that. It’s a process, finding what works for me and is healthy and good for me. But, it’s a new way of eating for me, not just a temporary diet. I’ve lost a couple of pounds, which is a happy accident. That’s not what this is about for me, so it’s a pleasant surprise.

Drinking as much water as I do has me making more trips to the bathroom. I don’t mind. I know it’s good for me.

I’ve been making some smoothies sometimes, when I’m home at lunch time. I really need to invest in a new blender. Our blender is super old, like probably from the 70’s! I like to put frozen fruit in my smoothies sometimes and the blender has a hard time with that. I usually find a lump of fruit at the bottom of my cup. So, I’ve been tossing around the idea of a Vitamix or a Ninja or something along those lines. They are expensive, so it’s a big decision. I’ve been told the vitamix will make soups and juices and that you can make your own flours and nut butters, etc. That’s awesome, but the price still scares me!

The winter weather has been messing up my running again this past week. But it has not stopped me from working out. I put miles in on my exercise bike and do weight work and ab work. Anxious to get back out running. Come on spring!!

So far so good with these healthy changes I’m making. Knowing it’s a lifestyle change and not a diet seems to make it easier for me. I think I’ve actually been sleeping better. I want to feel better than ever, and I’m on my way.

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