Feels good!

Last week, here in Michigan, we had cold and snow. This week, it’s sunny and warm, 70 degrees! It’s so great to go outside without a jacket or sweatshirt.

I love to be outside when it’s nice out. I did some yard work yesterday. I cleaned the leaves and dead foliage out of most of our rock gardens. Already, there is new life sprouting. That has to mean spring is almost here.

Adam and I went to the park to play frisbee yesterday. It was the perfect day, although the breeze sometimes took control of my throws. I’m not the best frisbee thrower!

I’ve also been able to get out and run again. I’ve got two 3 mile runs in already this week. It really feels good to be running again, hopefully on a regular schedule.

The dogs have been out more since the weather has warmed up. Zeke loves to play ball in the back yard. Coco just likes to explore.

These 70 degree days are really out of the norm for this time of year here. I know it will cool down again, but hopefully we can stay in the 50’s and 60’s now. But, this is Michigan.  We’ll see!

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