Hate the mess!

We are starting a major home improvement project. We are just in the beginning phase, and already I can’t stand the mess!

We are re-doing our kitchen. That means all new cabinets, new countertops, new appliances, new floor. Thankfully, we are not doing any of the install work ourselves. But, we are doing the demo/prep work. We know that the installer will be ready within about two weeks, hopefully. So, we’ve been slowly removing things from the kitchen.

I started emptying cabinets and putting things in boxes, which are now scattered around other parts of the house. All top cabinets have been removed, except for the one over the stove. The microwave is attached to that one so it will most likely be one of the last things to go. The cabinets are being stored in the basement for now.

I’ve been working on emptying the bottom cabinets as well. It’s hard to live out of boxes, especially in the kitchen!

The tile backsplash also needs to come down as we will have new there as well. Some has been removed already. It comes off fairly easy, but makes quite a mess in the process.

The kitchen countertop is temporarily full of things we use regularly. But, eventually all that, too, will have to get boxed up.

Removing the tile floor will be the biggest job and the most mess. Not looking forward to that. I like a clean, mostly tidy house, so this mess is driving me just a little crazy!!

Once everything is out, and the install starts, I’m a little worried about making meals and sticking with my healthy eating. I fear we will eat out a lot. If that’s the case, it will not be fast food all the time, no way!

I’m also a little concerned about how the dogs will deal with this., especially Zeke. It will be an adventure, to say the least. But, the end result will be a beautiful new kitchen. And that makes all this craziness worth it.


On the run again!

The weather here in Michigan finally feels like spring! We’ve even had a couple of days that felt like summer! As a result, I’m getting back into a more regular running routine. It’s been kind of hit or miss during the winter months and early spring. However, on days when I couldn’t be outside running, I was in the basement working out, keeping regular exercise a part of my routine.

It feels good to be out there running on a more regular basis. I got three miles in yesterday. That proved to be quite enough for my knees. My right knee was hurting pretty good by the time I was done. I had to walk sideways down the stairs because my knee hurt so much.  My Deep Relief roll-on essential oil blend was a big help.

On May 1st, I’ll be participating in a 5k walk/run in support of a cousin who is battling breast cancer. There are several family members doing this as well, and they will probably be walking. I may walk with them instead of running, we’ll see. It will be fun, either way.


Clean Eating

If you are a regular reader, you know I recently decided to overhaul the way I eat. After dealing with some health issues during the winter, I decided to be more proactive with my health. I’ve always been active where exercise is concerned. So the biggest change for me to make would be to what I eat.

To that end, one thing I’ve done is subscribe to a new magazine. It’s called Clean Eating. I got the issue for May in the mail today. The two previous issues came last month, as that was the beginning of my subscription. This is an awesome magazine. It’s full of fresh, healthy recipes for clean eating. It also has health tips, nutrition tips, supermarket tips, all kinds of things. This months issue has an article titled “Easy Make-at-Home Nut Milks That Will Save You Money”. I use almond milk and cashew milk now that I buy at the grocery store. Being able to make my own at home might be pretty cool. Of course, I’d have to go ahead and get the Vitamix I’ve been eyeing up in order to make the nut milk.


You should check out this magazine! I can’t wait to dive in to the new issue!

National Pet Day

Apparently, it’s National Pet Day. So, in honor of that, I am sharing a picture of each of our dogs. If you’ve followed my blog from the beginning, you may know my doggies already. If not, here you go.


This is Coco. She is a Shih Tzu and will be 11 years old in June. She is almost blind, and deals with skin problems, but we love her to pieces!


This is Zeke. He is a chocolate lab/whippet mix and we rescued him from the shelter last summer. They told us at that time they thought he was about 2 years old. He is a lot of fun and a good watch dog! We love him! He and Coco get along just fine.

Happy National Pet Day!


I Like Winning Stuff

A couple of weeks ago, I entered a giveaway on Facebook. The giveaway was from Carolyn Ketchum, author of the blog All Day I Dream About Food. I follow her on Facebook under the same name as the blog. She posts some amazing, healthy recipes. They fit right in with my new, healthy lifestyle.

The giveaway was for the main ingredients for a healthy, low-carb, chocolate chip skillet cookie. It even included the skillet. She contacted me to get my address and assured me my prize would be on the way soon.

Today, it arrived! The mail lady brought a big, heavy box from Amazon, and a smaller box as well. I panicked a little, because, while I frequently buy from Amazon, I hadn’t bought anything that would require such a big box. I wasn’t thinking about the prize, just thinking that whatever was in the box must be a mistake, lol. Nope, no mistake! It was my prize!


The prize included: A 3lb bag of Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour, A 1lb bag of Swerve sweetener, a bag of 100% Organic Shredded Coconut, unsweetened, a bag of Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips, a 15oz tub of Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, and a 10 1/4 inch Lodge Cast Iron skillet.

I hope to make the cookie in the next several days. You can find the recipe on her blog. You should give her blog a follow, All Day I Dream About Food, it’s pretty awesome! I also follow her on Pinterest, and you can also find her on Instagram, fooddreamer.

Thank you, Carolyn Ketchum! I can’t wait to try this recipe!

Makeup review

In my quest for a healthier lifestyle, which includes removing chemicals and toxins from my life/home, I have been looking for makeup that is made from natural ingredients that are good for my skin. I’m not a huge makeup person, but I want to know that the products I do use are good for me.

I’ve found a couple of companies whose products I want to try. The first place I ordered from is called Moody Sisters. They started their company after searching for organic skin care products for their families.


This is what I ordered: Mineral Foundation in Fresh. I love this stuff. Powder foundation is what I like because I only use a very small amount. This stuff goes on easily and looks great.

I got Cheek Color in Love Struck. Again, love this! I was afraid of ordering a color online, where I can’t really tell what the color looks like. But this seems to be perfect for me. Goes on smoothly and gives my cheeks the perfect color.

The eyeliner pencil in Charcoal is also amazing. Love the color and it also goes on very smoothly.

The Natural, Organic Mascara in black makes my lashes look better than anything I’ve ever used! Yea, it’s that good!

I also got two samples. I have not tried the Liquid Foundation. I don’t care for that  kind of foundation, so I may offer it to someone else. The Whipped Lotion in Mint Julep I used yesterday. It’s good lotion, but I didn’t care for the scent.

So far so good with these products from Moody Sisters. I highly recommend their stuff!

There are still a couple of places I want to try products from. Au Naturale and 100% Pure. But, for now, I am enjoying these new products from Moody Sisters.

I even bought a small set of Eco Tools brushes on Amazon. Love those too!


What I got!

Yesterday, Adam and I ventured up to Trader Joe’s. It’s about a forty minute drive from where we live. We found it quite easily. It’s much smaller than I anticipated, but filled with so many good things. I bought just a few things, didn’t want to overdo it the first time. Also, we drove past a huge Whole Foods on the way. That will be my next stop.

Here’s what I got:


It’s not the best picture,so I’ll tell you what is there. I bought a bag of baby spinach. I love it in salads and in smoothies. Cranberry coconut snacking crackers are quite yummy, made with good ingredients. I got a small bag of organic riced cauliflower. Never had it, but want to try it. A box of organic brown rice.  A jar of almond butter, love that stuff. Organic carrots. A box of Multigrain O’s cereal. A package of snack size kettle corn bags. A loaf of sprouted bread. I read a lot about this kind of bread, so I thought I’d try it. I’ll admit I was afraid of it, lol. But, I made toast with it this morning and it was good! I also got a bar of organic dark chocolate. We’ll see how that tastes. And some organic strawberries.

Sadly, I’ll most likely be the only one eating this stuff. But that’s ok. This new healthy eating lifestyle is going very well for me and I’m feeling pretty darn good.

Whole Foods will be my next place to try. I wish they were closer to home!

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