A Gift for You

No fooling! April is one of my favorite months. It’s my birthday month! In honor of that, I’m offering a gift to anyone that orders their Young Living starter kit through me. If you buy a premium starter kit from me during the month of April, I will send you an Essential Oils Pocket Reference book. This spiral bound, 485 page book has a wealth of knowledge about essential oils and how to use them. It will be perfect to help you on your oily journey once your kit arrives. Also, Young Living is making a change to the premium starter kit. Starting on April 5th, the premium starter kit will contain 5 of the new Vitality oils, including Peppermint, Lemon, Copaiba, Thieves, and DiGize. The vitality oils are specifically labeled for ingestion. Please message me if you have any questions or if you are ready to get your kit.

image image



Email me at simpsonjannita@gmail.com

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Ready to get your kit? Click here!


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