What I got!

Yesterday, Adam and I ventured up to Trader Joe’s. It’s about a forty minute drive from where we live. We found it quite easily. It’s much smaller than I anticipated, but filled with so many good things. I bought just a few things, didn’t want to overdo it the first time. Also, we drove past a huge Whole Foods on the way. That will be my next stop.

Here’s what I got:


It’s not the best picture,so I’ll tell you what is there. I bought a bag of baby spinach. I love it in salads and in smoothies. Cranberry coconut snacking crackers are quite yummy, made with good ingredients. I got a small bag of organic riced cauliflower. Never had it, but want to try it. A box of organic brown rice.  A jar of almond butter, love that stuff. Organic carrots. A box of Multigrain O’s cereal. A package of snack size kettle corn bags. A loaf of sprouted bread. I read a lot about this kind of bread, so I thought I’d try it. I’ll admit I was afraid of it, lol. But, I made toast with it this morning and it was good! I also got a bar of organic dark chocolate. We’ll see how that tastes. And some organic strawberries.

Sadly, I’ll most likely be the only one eating this stuff. But that’s ok. This new healthy eating lifestyle is going very well for me and I’m feeling pretty darn good.

Whole Foods will be my next place to try. I wish they were closer to home!

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