Makeup review

In my quest for a healthier lifestyle, which includes removing chemicals and toxins from my life/home, I have been looking for makeup that is made from natural ingredients that are good for my skin. I’m not a huge makeup person, but I want to know that the products I do use are good for me.

I’ve found a couple of companies whose products I want to try. The first place I ordered from is called Moody Sisters. They started their company after searching for organic skin care products for their families.


This is what I ordered: Mineral Foundation in Fresh. I love this stuff. Powder foundation is what I like because I only use a very small amount. This stuff goes on easily and looks great.

I got Cheek Color in Love Struck. Again, love this! I was afraid of ordering a color online, where I can’t really tell what the color looks like. But this seems to be perfect for me. Goes on smoothly and gives my cheeks the perfect color.

The eyeliner pencil in Charcoal is also amazing. Love the color and it also goes on very smoothly.

The Natural, Organic Mascara in black makes my lashes look better than anything I’ve ever used! Yea, it’s that good!

I also got two samples. I have not tried the Liquid Foundation. I don’t care for that  kind of foundation, so I may offer it to someone else. The Whipped Lotion in Mint Julep I used yesterday. It’s good lotion, but I didn’t care for the scent.

So far so good with these products from Moody Sisters. I highly recommend their stuff!

There are still a couple of places I want to try products from. Au Naturale and 100% Pure. But, for now, I am enjoying these new products from Moody Sisters.

I even bought a small set of Eco Tools brushes on Amazon. Love those too!


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