Hate the mess!

We are starting a major home improvement project. We are just in the beginning phase, and already I can’t stand the mess!

We are re-doing our kitchen. That means all new cabinets, new countertops, new appliances, new floor. Thankfully, we are not doing any of the install work ourselves. But, we are doing the demo/prep work. We know that the installer will be ready within about two weeks, hopefully. So, we’ve been slowly removing things from the kitchen.

I started emptying cabinets and putting things in boxes, which are now scattered around other parts of the house. All top cabinets have been removed, except for the one over the stove. The microwave is attached to that one so it will most likely be one of the last things to go. The cabinets are being stored in the basement for now.

I’ve been working on emptying the bottom cabinets as well. It’s hard to live out of boxes, especially in the kitchen!

The tile backsplash also needs to come down as we will have new there as well. Some has been removed already. It comes off fairly easy, but makes quite a mess in the process.

The kitchen countertop is temporarily full of things we use regularly. But, eventually all that, too, will have to get boxed up.

Removing the tile floor will be the biggest job and the most mess. Not looking forward to that. I like a clean, mostly tidy house, so this mess is driving me just a little crazy!!

Once everything is out, and the install starts, I’m a little worried about making meals and sticking with my healthy eating. I fear we will eat out a lot. If that’s the case, it will not be fast food all the time, no way!

I’m also a little concerned about how the dogs will deal with this., especially Zeke. It will be an adventure, to say the least. But, the end result will be a beautiful new kitchen. And that makes all this craziness worth it.

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