I love having a garden every year. I plant veggies, sometimes fruits. My garden has always been in the back corner of the backyard. We have pine trees back there and they are huge now. They make getting back to my garden not so pleasant. And, in the summer, the mosquitos are terrible back there.

So, this year, I decided to do something different. I bought a raised garden bed. It’s perfect. It’s about 3 feet high so Zeke can’t bother my plants or pee on them. It will keep bunnies out of my plants. Watering and tending to the plants will be super easy. I already bought it, and Adam put it together for me. It’s sitting up closer to the back of the house.

I’ll be getting some plants sometime next week, along with flowers for my outside pots. I’m using organic garden soil. Not sure, excactly, what all I’m planting. I may have to get a second garden bed!!


Totally worth every penny! Do you have a garden?

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