Random thoughts!

So, our kitchen renovation is moving rather slowly. We did, however, have a productive weekend. We got the painting done, which was the next thing on the schedule. It’s still yellow, my favorite color. The sun shines through the kitchen windows in the morning, and I just love how bright and cheery it is! Hoping that our new flooring will be installed today, or at least this week. We’ll see how that goes.

I’ve been keeping up with my exercise and healthy eating. But, I haven’t been running as much as I would like. Knowing that the contractor is coming every morning makes for a rushed morning trying to get a workout in, as well as a shower, before they show up. On Friday, and today, I ran earlier than usual. Adam is driving himself to school now, so I’ve been getting my workout in before he gets up. I kind of like that. Of course, once he’s done with school next week, I’ll be making yet another routine for morning workouts. It’s all good, though, as long as I keep up with it.

Two weeks ago, I had my regular doctor visit. I go every three months to keep an eye on my insulin resistance and my under active thyroid. I’ve lost 12 pounds since my last visit!! I’m not even trying to lose weight. It’s a result of my healthier eating. I asked him if he would work with me to get off my insulin resistance meds, since I’m working hard to reduce the amount of sugar I consume, and eating better. He agreed. I used to take the meds with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now, I take it with breakfast and dinner. When I go back in three months, if every thing looks good, he’ll take another pill away. I’m gonna work hard to make that happen! It really does pay to eat healthy, exercise, and drink lots and lots of water!

Last week, my baby, Adam, turned 16! Time is going by way too fast! He got his license on his birthday, and now can drive himself to school every day. I wish they didn’t grow up so fast!

The weather is finally turning warm here! We will hit 80 this week! I love summer!! We will open the pool over this holiday weekend. Of course, the water will be ice cold, lol.

I got my garden planted, and my flower pots are all full. I am loving my raised garden so far! And my flowers are beautiful!

Have a wonderful week!

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