Almost done!

Our beautiful, new kitchen is almost done! There are just a few minor details to take care of. They’ll most likely be here on Monday to finish up. But it’s mostly done. It has been a very long, drawn out process. But, we have an amazingly gorgeous kitchen to show for it.

We got running water again this week. It was a huge adjustment to go without running water in the kitchen for 8 weeks. Seeing that new faucet go in, and watching them hooking up the plumbing underneath was great.

I have been enjoying getting things back together and utilizing new things. I’ve bought some new stuff, because, you know, new kitchen, new stuff. My niece is creating my wall decor….an old wooden window with a quote on it. I can’t wait to see it. She’s also making a small coffee sign to go by the new coffee station I created.

I need to get some small, felt pads to put on the legs of the new table and chairs so we can actually use them. Don’t want our beautiful new floor scratched.


Here’s a peek at our beautiful new kitchen.


A small haul

Yesterday, no one was here to work on the kitchen remodel. We knew ahead of time that they wouldn’t be working on our job. So, Adam and I ventured to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, and he wanted to stop at Best Buy.

We stopped at Whole Foods first. We’ve never been to a Whole Foods before. I’ve heard from countless people that it’s expensive, so I wasn’t really planning on buying anything there. Bu, I wanted to check it out. It’s massive! I bought two things there, Sir Kensington Mayo and a package of Biscotti. Haven’t tried the mayo yet, but I’m excited to have a healthier option of mayo in the fridge. The biscotti is just a treat.


At Trader Joe’s, I bought a couple more things. I got two bags of the frozen roasted potatoes with peppers and onions. I think this is something that Tim will enjoy too. I got some organic red grapes, a package of sweet baby bell peppers, and a package of Applegate Naturals roasted turkey breast. I also picked up two packages of ¬†British Muffins, one whole wheat and one multigrain. They are quite yummy, tried a whole wheat one this morning. The Trader Joe’s Fruit Bars were something I wanted to try, even knowing the sugar content is high. Tried the Apple/Strawberry one yesterday. It’s very sweet, too sweet for me! I won’t buy those again. Haven’t tried the Think Thin bars yet, maybe today. I also picked up, just for fun, a package of chocolate covered raisins and one of dark chocolate covered almonds. I like having an occasional sweet treat, and both of these are yummy.


Yes, I bought several sweet things. But, the goal of my healthy eating is to be able to enjoy something sweet sometimes. The key is to not overdo it. We have a fridge again now, and you can rest assured that I made a trip to the grocery store after the fridge was delivered and it is stocked with fresh fruits and veggies.

Maybe by the end of the day, our new stove will be up and running. Fingers crossed!

Today, Friday June 10, Young Living is offering starter kit for 10% off the regular price. If you’ve been on the fence about trying essential oils, today is the day to go for it. Today only, don’t miss out!


Message me at for more info.


I’m kind of back into a regular running schedule again. However, some of my runs end up being a run/walk. The inside of my right ankle has been bothering me. I’m not sure what is wrong, I don’t remember injuring it in any way. It doesn’t bother me all the time, but I’m afraid to push it when it bothers me while running. So, instead of just stopping, I walk. And I keep a brisk pace when I do end up walking. I want to stay active, it’s an important part of being healthy.

I am super excited to have a kitchen again sometime in the future. Not having appliances or running water in the kitchen has been a real struggle in my quest to eat healthy. But, I’m doing the best I can!


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