Almost done!

Our beautiful, new kitchen is almost done! There are just a few minor details to take care of. They’ll most likely be here on Monday to finish up. But it’s mostly done. It has been a very long, drawn out process. But, we have an amazingly gorgeous kitchen to show for it.

We got running water again this week. It was a huge adjustment to go without running water in the kitchen for 8 weeks. Seeing that new faucet go in, and watching them hooking up the plumbing underneath was great.

I have been enjoying getting things back together and utilizing new things. I’ve bought some new stuff, because, you know, new kitchen, new stuff. My niece is creating my wall decor….an old wooden window with a quote on it. I can’t wait to see it. She’s also making a small coffee sign to go by the new coffee station I created.

I need to get some small, felt pads to put on the legs of the new table and chairs so we can actually use them. Don’t want our beautiful new floor scratched.


Here’s a peek at our beautiful new kitchen.

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