Green thumb!

So, my garden is overflowing with goodness! Back in the spring, I posted a picture of my raised garden container. This thing is awesome! I may get another one next year.

I planted tomatoes, cherry and grape tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers and one strawberry plant. I’m sure the strawberry plant was planted too late in the season, and the other plants block it from the sun. So, it wasn’t a good strawberry harvest. However, everything else is growing like crazy!! I have lots of tomatoes, not quite ready for picking. The cherry and grape tomatoes, however, are exploding! I’ve been picking several everyday for a few days now. They are delicious! I’ve also picked one pepper and several more are almost ready.

I love having my garden up closer to the house. I think I may have planted too many plants for one container, it’s really crowded. So, next year there may be two. And I’ll need to use tomato cages next year. No cages this year and the plants are sprawling all over.

Growing my own veggies! It’s awesome!



It’s on the wall!

Today, my niece delivered the two pieces she’s been working on for our new kitchen. I love them both! She did an excellent job!


This is the big project. I found a quote, she found an old window and worked her magic. It’s the only thing that will be on this wall. I love it!


I set up a coffee station next to the Keurig, and I wanted a small, coffee related sign there. This is perfect!

This kitchen is almost done!

You can see more of her work on Facebook at Infinity Images & Designs.


In a rut!

Ok, it’s time to admit I’m in a rut. I can’t seem to get back to a regular workout routine. I was sure that once the daily kitchen renovation work was done, I’d be able to get back on track. And I did, for a week or two. But, now, I seem to have lost my oomph!

I’m still getting exercise in. I’ve been walking frequently during the week. And, I’ve been walking with Zeke. That’s no easy feat, lol. I’ve also made sure to get some ab and weight work in, just not as much as I was before. But, running seems to be a challenge.

My knees have been bothering me. And, they really crack a lot lately, along with my ankles. But, I don’t know that that is the reason I can’t get motivated. I don’t have time for any kind of workout on the mornings that I have a house to clean. But, on those mornings that I don’t, there’s no reason for me to not go for a run.

I’m hoping that, once Adam goes back to school, I will be able to get back to some sort of schedule. Even though he drives to school, I still get up early each day to make sure he gets up on time and just to see him before he leaves for the day.  So, maybe that’s it. Maybe my body is enjoying summer break, lol. Working out, but not as much.

We’ll see what happens. School starts in the middle of August.

Have you tried these?

I’m always on the lookout for healthy snacks. For the last few months, I have been enjoying these KIND bars.  They come in a variety of flavors, but my favorite is Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt. They taste amazing! Only 5 grams of sugar! I love them!

I want to try the KIND pressed fruit bars, as well as the breakfast bars. I’m sure they’re just as delicious! Hoping to find them in my grocery store.


Give them a try! You won’t be disappointed!


It’s been a really nice weekend here in southeast Michigan. Warm temps and sunshine. It was a good mixture of getting some things done and relaxing.

I put up the small, burlap bulletin board that I bought for the kitchen. That, in turn, allowed me to take care of a pile of random things that has been sitting in the living room. I might paint the frame of it, though, now that it’s hanging, lol. It’s more of an off white and I think it might look better white. I’ll leave it for a few days while I decide.

Spent time outside both days, either reading on the porch, or playing with the dogs in the backyard. Got a walk in after dinner both days, and made sure to get Zeke out for a short walk. He’s such a busy-body when we go for a walk, it discourages me from taking him for long walks. But, I’d really like to do that.

Got a little shopping in at Kohls today. Got some great deals on a few things. And, of course, had to catch up on laundry. That is a never ending job.

Its been a great weekend! Hope you enjoyed yours as well!

Awesome stuff!

Last month, at the Young Living Convention, several new products were introduced. While I did not attend convention, I have since been able to try two of the new products.

What I want to tell you about today is the Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream. This stuff is great! My knees bother me a lot, especially when I run. When Adam was a baby, I had knee problems and my doctor told me to stop washing floors by hand, it was not good on my knees. Well, I still do wash some floors by hand. And that, combined with running, wreaks havoc on my knees.

I came home from one of my cleaning jobs the other day, and my knees were really  bothering me. I used a small amount of the pain cream, and rubbed it onto both knees. Oh my! Relief! This stuff is wonderful! I suggest you give it a try!


Seriously, good stuff!

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It’s fun!

So, now that most of the work in our new kitchen is done, I can start decorating. This is the fun part. Ok, I’ll admit, it was kind of fun watching it all come together. But, being without a kitchen for so long was not fun!

i don’t want our new kitchen to look cluttered. That’s what it looked like before. So. I’m trying to keep countertop things to a minimum. But, we have a corner on the countertop where I’d like something decorative to sit. I just haven’t found anything.

We have three shelves now, next to the window. I’ve found things to put there, one thing on each shelf.  I also bought a small, framed board, like a bulletin board, to hang by the other window. I don’t have it up yet, but I think it’s gonna look good.

My niece is making the artwork for the biggest wall. Can’t wait to see the finished product. She’s also making a sign to go by our new coffee station. She just recently started her own sign making business and she’s very talented!

I hope to take some day trips to places like Shipshewana and Frankenmuth to find some finishing touches. Once it’s complete, I’ll post pics to show you our beautiful kitchen. Stay tuned!

Do you use these?

I clean houses for a living. (I also sell Young Living essential oils) I love being my own boss!

One of my favorite products to use for cleaning are the enviro cloths from Norwex. These things are fantastic!


The blue one is the “wash” rag. Use it wet to clean anything! I use it on windows, stainless steel, any kind of countertop, patio furniture, even carpet! The purple one I use for drying. This combo is great! So great, that I have two sets now. They are a great alternative to nasty chemicals.

I would like to get the mop system to use on my brand new wood floor. It’s a little pricey though! Maybe I should become a consultant so I can get it cheaper. I definitely don’t want to sell the products, but getting the products cheaper would be nice. I’ll have to give that some thought.

Do you use Norwex products?

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