Do you use these?

I clean houses for a living. (I also sell Young Living essential oils) I love being my own boss!

One of my favorite products to use for cleaning are the enviro cloths from Norwex. These things are fantastic!


The blue one is the “wash” rag. Use it wet to clean anything! I use it on windows, stainless steel, any kind of countertop, patio furniture, even carpet! The purple one I use for drying. This combo is great! So great, that I have two sets now. They are a great alternative to nasty chemicals.

I would like to get the mop system to use on my brand new wood floor. It’s a little pricey though! Maybe I should become a consultant so I can get it cheaper. I definitely don’t want to sell the products, but getting the products cheaper would be nice. I’ll have to give that some thought.

Do you use Norwex products?

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