It’s fun!

So, now that most of the work in our new kitchen is done, I can start decorating. This is the fun part. Ok, I’ll admit, it was kind of fun watching it all come together. But, being without a kitchen for so long was not fun!

i don’t want our new kitchen to look cluttered. That’s what it looked like before. So. I’m trying to keep countertop things to a minimum. But, we have a corner on the countertop where I’d like something decorative to sit. I just haven’t found anything.

We have three shelves now, next to the window. I’ve found things to put there, one thing on each shelf.  I also bought a small, framed board, like a bulletin board, to hang by the other window. I don’t have it up yet, but I think it’s gonna look good.

My niece is making the artwork for the biggest wall. Can’t wait to see the finished product. She’s also making a sign to go by our new coffee station. She just recently started her own sign making business and she’s very talented!

I hope to take some day trips to places like Shipshewana and Frankenmuth to find some finishing touches. Once it’s complete, I’ll post pics to show you our beautiful kitchen. Stay tuned!

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