It’s been a really nice weekend here in southeast Michigan. Warm temps and sunshine. It was a good mixture of getting some things done and relaxing.

I put up the small, burlap bulletin board that I bought for the kitchen. That, in turn, allowed me to take care of a pile of random things that has been sitting in the living room. I might paint the frame of it, though, now that it’s hanging, lol. It’s more of an off white and I think it might look better white. I’ll leave it for a few days while I decide.

Spent time outside both days, either reading on the porch, or playing with the dogs in the backyard. Got a walk in after dinner both days, and made sure to get Zeke out for a short walk. He’s such a busy-body when we go for a walk, it discourages me from taking him for long walks. But, I’d really like to do that.

Got a little shopping in at Kohls today. Got some great deals on a few things. And, of course, had to catch up on laundry. That is a never ending job.

Its been a great weekend! Hope you enjoyed yours as well!

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