In a rut!

Ok, it’s time to admit I’m in a rut. I can’t seem to get back to a regular workout routine. I was sure that once the daily kitchen renovation work was done, I’d be able to get back on track. And I did, for a week or two. But, now, I seem to have lost my oomph!

I’m still getting exercise in. I’ve been walking frequently during the week. And, I’ve been walking with Zeke. That’s no easy feat, lol. I’ve also made sure to get some ab and weight work in, just not as much as I was before. But, running seems to be a challenge.

My knees have been bothering me. And, they really crack a lot lately, along with my ankles. But, I don’t know that that is the reason I can’t get motivated. I don’t have time for any kind of workout on the mornings that I have a house to clean. But, on those mornings that I don’t, there’s no reason for me to not go for a run.

I’m hoping that, once Adam goes back to school, I will be able to get back to some sort of schedule. Even though he drives to school, I still get up early each day to make sure he gets up on time and just to see him before he leaves for the day.  So, maybe that’s it. Maybe my body is enjoying summer break, lol. Working out, but not as much.

We’ll see what happens. School starts in the middle of August.

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