Green thumb!

So, my garden is overflowing with goodness! Back in the spring, I posted a picture of my raised garden container. This thing is awesome! I may get another one next year.

I planted tomatoes, cherry and grape tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers and one strawberry plant. I’m sure the strawberry plant was planted too late in the season, and the other plants block it from the sun. So, it wasn’t a good strawberry harvest. However, everything else is growing like crazy!! I have lots of tomatoes, not quite ready for picking. The cherry and grape tomatoes, however, are exploding! I’ve been picking several everyday for a few days now. They are delicious! I’ve also picked one pepper and several more are almost ready.

I love having my garden up closer to the house. I think I may have planted too many plants for one container, it’s really crowded. So, next year there may be two. And I’ll need to use tomato cages next year. No cages this year and the plants are sprawling all over.

Growing my own veggies! It’s awesome!


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