New life

When my brother-in-law, Mark, passed away, my sister gave me one of the many plants that were delivered to the funeral home. I’m not sure what kind of plant it was, but it was in a nice basket with a handle. I nurtured that plant for years, afraid to let it die. It did, however, slowly wilt and die away, until there was just one little sprig of green left. I was determined that this plant would not die. I moved it around the house during the day, letting it get adequate sunshine and water. Keeping it alive was important to me. Like keeping his memory alive.

When I planted my garden this spring, I bought organic garden soil to plant with. After my garden was planted, I put some of the organic soil in this house plant, thinking the rich nutrients would boost the tiny sprig of green that was left. By then, it was looking pretty sad.

But, soon after adding the organic soil, a new plant sprouted! I’m not sure how, all of the plant was dead and gone, with the exception of that one tiny sprig. And that was almost dead. New life! The last remaining sprig of green is dead now, but this new life is growing.

After a stormy afternoon yesterday, the sun came back out and I captured this photo of the new plant.


New life!


More school tips with essential oils

Adam has been back in school for almost two weeks now. Let’s talk some more about school and essential oils.

Here is a great smoothie recipe to start your day using Tangerine Vitality essential oil.


This is perfect for an after school snack.


Did you know Young Living has a line of KidScents products and KidScents essential oils?

15-Stinky Kid Spray

15-Stinky Kid Spray

Don’t forget to show appreciation for the teachers. There are so many Young Living products that would make great teacher gifts.

15-Stinky Kid Spray

Are you ready to get your own essential oils? There are only a few days left to get a free bottle of Cedarwood when you buy your starter kit in August.


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It’s done!

After 14 long weeks, our contractor is finally done with our kitchen. It’s been a long haul, a lot longer than we expected. But, it’s absolutely beautiful!

image image image image

image image


We ordered a new window treatment, a Roman shade. We are waiting for that to arrive. Once we get it installed, then our kitchen will be completely done. It’s so different, and so beautiful! I frequently feel like I’m in someone else’s kitchen!

There were lots of frustrating days, and sometimes, things didn’t go as planned. It was worth it, though, seeing the end result. They did an excellent job!!

Essential oils and school!

Adam goes back to school tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that summer is over already. Did you know that essential oils can be a part of your school routine? Here are some more tips on using essential oils to have a great year.


It’s important to have a restful night of sleep, especially on a school night. Lavender is awesome to support restful sleep. Peace and Calming 2, or Tranquil are also good choices.


So, we all know that unpleasant odors are part of the school routine. Stinky gym uniforms in backpacks, or lockers. Smelly shoes. Purification essential oil is great at helping with nasty odors.


Thieves essential oil, really anything thieves, is an important part of supporting a healthy immune system and helping to keep germs away.


Rollerball recipes using essential oils are an easy way to apply the oils you want, simply roll it on. These recipes are all great for support during the school year.


Our diffuser runs quite frequently. These diffuser recipes are perfect for supporting the school day. How awesome would it be if every classroom had a diffuser?

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Almost school time!

School is just around the corner, like it or not. Here, at our house, school starts next Tuesday. So, I thought this would be a good time to start sharing with you some ways that essential oils can help you have a great school year.


Essential oils are a great way to start the morning.


I love Ningxia Red to help support overall wellness.


I love wearing my diffuser necklace. Breathing in the essential oil all day long is amazing!


Make homework time more pleasant by diffusing essential oils.

I’ll be posting more back-to-school tips in the coming days. If you have questions about essential oils, or Young Living, email me at

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Day trip!

We took a trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan yesterday. It’s a couple of hours away, and it was a nice drive. The weather was sunny and pretty warm.

Frankenmuth is called the “little Bavaria” of Michigan. We started at ¬†Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. You can find just about any kind of ornament or decoration for Christmas here. They even personalize ornaments while you wait. We bought a couple of things, and left with Christmas music in our heads.

Next stop, downtown Frankenmuth. We had lunch at Zehnders, where we enjoyed the famous, family style chicken dinner. Soup, breads, cranberries, coleslaw, cottage cheese, veggies, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and, of course, chicken. So yummy! Topped it off with orange sherbet and ice cream.

After all that food, it was time to walk it off with some shopping. We hit all the shops downtown, buying a couple of things. It was a beautiful, weekend day, so it was crowded. But, we enjoyed going in and out of the stores looking for treasures.

Once we had hit all the downtown shops, we headed back out toward the expressway, stopping in at the outlet shops at Birch Run. Here, too, we shopped til we dropped. This is a huge outlet mall! We didn’t hit them all, but did get into all the ones we were interested in, and bought a couple of things.

Before heading back on to the highway to head home, we stopped at Tony’s I75 Restaurant. This place is well known by Michiganders! They are famous for their huge helpings of everything on their menu. It’s always packed! We waited just a few minutes for a table, and then enjoyed our second feast of the day. Let me just say, food came home with us, especially bacon!

Finally, we headed home. It was a great day with our family, and a wonderful way to celebrate our anniversary.


Still not done!

Our kitchen renovation is still not done! It’s August now. They started on May 9th. Right now, there is just one more thing to take care of. It’s turning into a big thing.

When they moved our stove out to install the backsplash, they scratched our beautiful, Brazilian cherry wood floor. Since then, several attempts have been made by our contractor to repair the scratches. No luck!

Since they cannot get the scratches out, they are going to replace a 4’x8′ section of flooring. The flooring has been ordered from a different store that still has some in stock. When it arrives at the store, they’ll schedule the install. I hope they can do this without damaging the rest of the floor.


Our kitchen is beautiful! I just want it to be done.

Another haul!

We made a trip to Trader Joe’s again today. Tim went with us this time. It was ridiculously busy there today, so we went through kind of fast.


It was hot today, and we had another stop to make after Trader Joe’s. So, we bought one of their insulated bags to keep the cold stuff cold until we got home. I put it in the trunk of my car after I emptied it so we’ll have it next time.

We got a bag of frozen French Fries. Haven’t tried these yet, but I bet they’re yummy. Another container of organic grapes. A bag of shredded carrots. I may make some chicken soup in the near future, even though it’s hot. I picked up two things of Dark Chocolate Almonds. I love these things!! Also got Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins. I got two bags of Pumpernickel Pretzel Sticks. I got these on Amazon recently, and they are fantastic! Tim picked out some Mac N Cheese. For breakfast food, we got Multigrain O’s cereal and Whole Wheat British Muffins. Yum!

Not a big haul, but all good stuff. I really wish there was one closer to us. They have a great selection of stuff and super prices.

What is your favorite thing from Trader Joe’s?


Above the wellness line!

It’s August. In our house, that always means our thoughts turn to going back to school. It seems like the perfect time for you to join me on my wellness journey by getting your Young Living Premium Starter Kit.


Young Living essential oils have changed my life!

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