Essential oils and school!

Adam goes back to school tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that summer is over already. Did you know that essential oils can be a part of your school routine? Here are some more tips on using essential oils to have a great year.


It’s important to have a restful night of sleep, especially on a school night. Lavender is awesome to support restful sleep. Peace and Calming 2, or Tranquil are also good choices.


So, we all know that unpleasant odors are part of the school routine. Stinky gym uniforms in backpacks, or lockers. Smelly shoes. Purification essential oil is great at helping with nasty odors.


Thieves essential oil, really anything thieves, is an important part of supporting a healthy immune system and helping to keep germs away.


Rollerball recipes using essential oils are an easy way to apply the oils you want, simply roll it on. These recipes are all great for support during the school year.


Our diffuser runs quite frequently. These diffuser recipes are perfect for supporting the school day. How awesome would it be if every classroom had a diffuser?

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