New life

When my brother-in-law, Mark, passed away, my sister gave me one of the many plants that were delivered to the funeral home. I’m not sure what kind of plant it was, but it was in a nice basket with a handle. I nurtured that plant for years, afraid to let it die. It did, however, slowly wilt and die away, until there was just one little sprig of green left. I was determined that this plant would not die. I moved it around the house during the day, letting it get adequate sunshine and water. Keeping it alive was important to me. Like keeping his memory alive.

When I planted my garden this spring, I bought organic garden soil to plant with. After my garden was planted, I put some of the organic soil in this house plant, thinking the rich nutrients would boost the tiny sprig of green that was left. By then, it was looking pretty sad.

But, soon after adding the organic soil, a new plant sprouted! I’m not sure how, all of the plant was dead and gone, with the exception of that one tiny sprig. And that was almost dead. New life! The last remaining sprig of green is dead now, but this new life is growing.

After a stormy afternoon yesterday, the sun came back out and I captured this photo of the new plant.


New life!

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