Sweet Coco

Our sweet Shih Tzu, Coco, had been struggling with various health issues for quite some time. An aggressive skin condition had her on constant meds. She moved very slowly and as if in pain. When she would sit down, she’d do it very gingerly, as if the very act of doing so was painful. She lost most of her vision, and would constantly walk into things throughout the course of a day. As a result, she had blood behind her eyes. She couldn’t go up or down the stairs by herself anymore. She couldn’t run. She had a hard time finding a place to be comfortable, and would whine until she found the right spot. Her quality of life was not good.

Earlier in the summer, her groomer told me that, when our pets get to a point such as where Coco was, ending their suffering was a gift. I couldn’t wrap my head around that! But, eventually, I started to really pay attention to just what a day looked like for her. And, then, I started to realize that the groomer may be right. It really wasn’t fair for us to let her continue to suffer.

So, we made the very difficult decision to have her put to sleep. Just making the appointment was hard. We had just a few days left with her after I made the appointment. We spoiled her, even more than usual.

Finally, the appointment time arrived. We were taken to a room specifically for this purpose. They put a soft, fleece blanket on the table for her to lay on. I held her while they gave her the first injection, a sedative. Then, we laid her on the blanket and they gave us as much time with her as we needed. We cried, remembered, told funny stories, told her how much we loved her. I asked her, repeatedly, not to be mad at us. We just wanted her to be at peace.

We were finally ready, and the vet came in to give her the injection that would stop her heart. Very quickly, she was gone. Again, they gave us as much time as we needed to say goodbye. We cried, and cried. We took her collar off, said our last goodbyes, and went home.

I have cried so much in the last two days. We all miss her terribly. Even Zeke misses her, he’s been looking for her. I put her collar on the table in the living room, next to the couch where he likes to lay. He frequently sniffs it before he lays down. I have not touched any of her things, I can’t do it yet.

We are having her cremated, and we will bring her ashes home and bury her in the backyard.

She will always be our little miss Coco. We love you Coco!



Rest in peace, sweet girl.

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