Cookbook Review

I am not a big buyer of cookbooks. I have just a few in my kitchen, and they don’t get used too much. I usually cook things I know how to make, or follow recipes I’ve found on Pinterest.

I follow the 100 Days of Real Food blog and on Facebook. Lisa Leake, the author, has an easy to follow approach to eating real food. I followed, with great interest, all the posts about her new cookbook, 100 Days of Real Food Fast and Fabulous. It sounded like something I could get in to. If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve been making an effort to eat better, more fruits, veggies and real food. I’m not one to make complicated dishes with long, exotic ingredient lists. I like simple. And getting my family to eat new things is a challenge.

I decided to pre-order the book. It was delivered on Tuesday last week, the day it was released. I took the time that evening to go through and look at the recipes. So many things I want to try! Simple instructions, simple ingredients, real food. I like it! A lot!


Over the weekend, I made the Crunchy French Toast Casserole. Quick and easy! And oh so yummy! Tim didn’t try it. Adam tried and said he didn’t care for it. Lol. I thought it was delicious!

Yesterday, I made the Taco Stuffed Peppers. So easy and so delicious. Tim was at work, so he hasn’t tried it yet. Adam gave me an “eh”, a frequent response from him. I thought it was really good! Today, I got groceries and picked up a couple of things I didn’t have to make more recipes from this book. Can’t wait to try more!

So far, I’m loving this cookbook and I think it will get plenty of use in my kitchen. I’m thinking I need to get her first book, 100 Days of Real Food, as well.

Follow her blog, 100 Days of Real Food and get your hands on this cookbook. You won’t be disappointed!


More pics

I’ve been having some more fun with my camera, and I thought I’d share more pics with you.

Here is Zeke! He’s a good boy, and he sat still long enough to let me get a few shots of him.



A beautiful fall mum.


Black and white shot of the candy jar.


Indian corn.


Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into what I’ve been doing with the camera.

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White feather

Last Saturday afternoon, Adam and I drove about an hour away to Portage Lake. Christopher and Sarah were camping there for the weekend, and they invited us to spend the day with them. Tim had to work, so, Adam and I grabbed a couple of chairs, a cooler, and headed out. I took my camera too, of course. I thought the lake would be a good opportunity to get some shots in.

It was a gorgeous fall day! It was cool, but the sun was shining bright, not a cloud in the sky. Christopher gave good directions, and soon we were sitting around the fire with them. Adam and I took the camera out into the woods by the campsite. Good photo ops there. He’s very good with the camera, but I feel like I still have so much to learn.

We decided to walk down to the lake. It was actually a little warmer out by the water, because we were in the sun out there, whereas the campsite was shady. I got a lot of shots by the water. As we were walking away from the beach area, back to the walking path, I spotted a white feather. Of course, you expect to see feathers by the beach from sea gulls, ducks, geese, etc. But, this white feather was the only one I saw that day, and it immediately caught my eye. Of course, I had to take a picture.


They say that a white feather symbolizes the angel or spirit of someone who has passed on. I know that this was a sign from my dad. He was there with us that day. It made me smile! What was already a great day was made even better by this white feather.

We made our way back to the campsite, and sat around the fire again. Soon, we were getting hungry. We cooked hot dogs and bratwurst on the fire. It was great!

We enjoyed the outdoors, using the camera, exploring, and lots and lots of laughs! It was a perfect day, and I’m glad my dad was there too!

I miss you, dad, and I love you!

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