Thanksgiving is done. Yesterday was a wonderful day spent with my family. We had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, rolls, cranberry sauce, black olives, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and cherry cheese pie. And wine. Can’t forget the wine, lol.

It was a relaxing day after dinner was done and the kitchen was clean. We watched the football game and the Lions won! Woohoo!

Having both of my boys home is always treasured time for me.

Have you started your holiday shopping? I’ve made great progress this week. I actually started a few weeks ago by picking up a few things at one of my favorite stores. But, since then, I’ve been waiting on ideas from some people. This week, I took advantage of holiday sales and did some online shopping. Got some great deals! I’m not done yet, but I’ve made a huge dent this week. I may even get some things wrapped this weekend.

Our house is decorated for Christmas now. We actually put our tree up on Sunday, which is a break from tradition. Today, the day after Thanksgiving, is usually the day the Christmas tree goes up here. But, we did it on Sunday. Today, I finished with the rest of the Christmas decor. We are full of Christmas spirit in this house now!

Adam and I ventured out for a bit this afternoon. I do not like to be in the stores on Black Friday. The huge crowds and traffic drive me crazy! I’d rather buy online or pay a little more on a different day, lol. But, he wanted to venture out, and I needed some new candle lights for the windows. So, out we went. It was crazy! So many people, no place to park, waiting in lines! I don’t get how some people just love to shop on Black Friday. We got what we needed, even something I’ve been looking at, but hesitating about buying. But, sales were good, and I bit the bullet and bought myself a new laptop. I’m writing this post on it. Yea, it’s pretty awesome!

Now, it’s a relaxing evening. Tim had to work today, so Adam and I (and Zeke) are hanging out. We had leftovers for dinner, of course. It’ll be at least another day of turkey leftovers, maybe two. By then, we’ll be tired of it, and the pie will be gone, lol.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

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