So, a while ago I told you about getting Adam some different wheels. He is loving his Jeep Renegade. And I love knowing it will handle better when the snow starts falling. They are saying next week we will see some white stuff here, so we’ll see how his Jeep handles it.

I also mentioned, at the end of that post, that maybe I had gotten new wheels as well. I did! Mind you, I loved the red Dodge Charger I was driving! It was a great car, and got great gas mileage. But, it really did not handle well in the snow. But, I still loved it and swore I would drive it til the wheels fell off. They didn’t fall off, but we found such an amazing deal, we decided we couldn’t turn it down.

Most big decisions we make these days are related to Tim’s retirement. He says he’s gonna retire in a few years. So, we are trying to set ourselves up for that by making decisions now that will better serve us once he’s retired.

My new vehicle is actually one that the dealer wanted Adam to take a look at. But, it wasn’t on the lot that day. Some big-shot’s wife was driving it. It didn’t matter, Adam ended up getting the Renegade anyway. But, the next day, our salesman had gotten the car back and called to see if we wanted to look at it. We had mentioned wanting to know what kind of trade-in value the Charger would get, so he thought we might want to look at this vehicle for me.

We went and took it for a ride. It’s pretty darn nice!! It’s used, actually, but very low miles. It’s a 2015 Jeep Cherokee. It’s green, probably not a color I would have picked out, but, it’s growing on me! It was a corporate car, so it has a lot of bells and whistles, something I didn’t have on my Charger. Plus, it’ll handle the snow much better than the car.

The price for this car was fantastic, and the trade-in value on my car was even better than we thought. So, we did it! We’ll have it paid off before Tim retires and we’ll have a newer vehicle that should last lots of years.


I’ve been driving it for almost a month now, and, honestly, I love it! Can’t wait to see how it handles the snow.

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