Do you make Christmas cookies each year? It’s a tradition for me to at least make some cut-out cookies. But, I usually like to make more than just that. I made a big batch of cut-outs yesterday. It’s a big job that takes a good chunk of the day. But, I got them all baked in the morning, and then in the afternoon, I frosted and decorated them. I forgot to take a pic of them after I was done, or I would have inserted it here.

Tomorrow, I hope to make a batch of gingersnaps. I don’t make as many of those, because not everyone likes them. Also on the list for tomorrow is a small batch of cookie press cookies. I enjoy these!

The last thing will probably be a batch of pretzels topped with candy kisses and one m&m. There’s a name for them which escapes me at the moment. They are super easy to make. I use waffle shaped pretzels, spread out on a cookie sheet. Put one candy kiss on each pretzel. Heat them in the oven on a very low temp, like 200, just til the candy kiss starts to look warm (they’ll look shiny). Pull them out and gently push an m&m into the top of the kiss. So yummy!

If I remember, once I’m all done, I’ll post a pic of what I made.

I remembered! Here’s a pic of what I’ve made.


What kind of cookies and treats are you making?


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