I told you we were going on an adventure. Well, we did, and it was awesome! We went to Colorado to visit our son and his family.

Until this trip, I had only flown once in my life, about 30 years ago. I was scared to death to get on a plane for this trip. We have been out to Colorado several times, but always during the summer, and we always drove. Being winter for this trip, we decided it made more sense to fly.

We flew out on Christmas night. As scared and nervous as I was, I used my essential oils to help keep me calm, and it wasn’t so bad. I actually enjoyed looking out the window at the lights below.

We arrived in Denver around 9 pm, and Tim and his family were waiting for us. They took us to their house, where we would stay for 4 nights. Their house is gorgeous, and we were very comfortable there.

We went into Boulder the first day. We did some shopping and had lunch. The scenery out there is incredible!

The next day, we went up into the mountains to Winter Park. We had never been to Winter Park in any previous trips, so this was fun. It was an icy drive through the mountains to get there, but the views were spectacular. We went tubing up there and had a blast!

On Wednesday, we went into downtown Denver to shop and have lunch. Another great day.

We were heading home on Thursday evening, so we just relaxed at their house that day.

The flight home was good, we all survived. We were so happy to see Zeke when we got home! He was very well taken care of while we were gone, but he missed us! And I missed him like crazy! It was hard to leave him, even just for a few days.


The view out the window shortly after takeoff.


This is the view out the upstairs windows at their house in Colorado.


A five minute walk from their house gave us this gorgeous view!


Driving up into the mountains.


The views are amazing!


This is where we went tubing. We had a blast here!


I would never get tired of looking at these views.


This giant bear is peeking into the Colorado Convention Center.

We had an amazing trip! It was great to spend time with Tim and his family. We certainly don’t see them enough! I love the mountains! And, yes, I would fly again.

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