What I like most!

As you may or may not know, I love to take close-up photos. Showing the fine details of the photo subject is fun. I would love, someday, to have a macro lens. They are quite pricey, though. So, for know, I bought myself a lens extension tube. It attaches to the lens and allows for shots that are zoomed in closer than what the lens would normally allow. I have been thoroughly enjoying playing around with it and have gotten some pretty decent shots. I’m amazed, that, with my shaky hands, I can get clear shots. Christopher got me a gorilla pod for Christmas, and I have been using that for every shot I’ve taken with this extension tube. I love it!



Here are a few pics that I’ve taken with the extension tube. Not perfect, I know, but I’m having fun and getting lots of practice.







While I’m finding a lot to get pics of during this cold weather season, I’m really looking forward to getting more close-up shots in the warm weather months. Bring on Spring!


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